Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Due to the harsh effects of global warming like flooding and extreme weather, many people are more interested in pursuing a cleaner and more environmentally conscious lifestyle. Many people are also more interested in using renewable energy sources like solar energy and geothermal energy.

Renewable energy sources are cleaner energy sources because, unlike coal and gas, they do not produce particulates that are released into the air. Renewable energy sources are also gaining popularity because they are less expensive since they are naturally occurring and do not have to be generated, just harnessed. The sun is accessible to everyone and so is the earth. The sustainability of renewable energy is also an advantage. Unlike gas and coal, the sun and the earth are abundant resources without limits. It is also safer than nuclear energy which can lead to potential nuclear meltdowns.

Another reason why these energy sources are popular is that they are cheaper in the long run. The main expense is in the initial setup, but after that the maintenance costs for these units are quite low. Unlike power plants that run mechanically, these systems are quiet with relatively few moving parts to generate noise. The most important fact to note is that it does not produce noxious fumes and waste products that conventional energy sources do. Thus, it has very minimal environmental impact. Solar and geothermal energy sources do not release ozone gases, so they do not contribute to global warming.

There are various ways of harnessing renewable energy. The most common sources of it are solar and geothermal energy. Solar energy typically uses solar heating panels and is dependent on the sun, while geothermal energy is dependent on the heat of the earth, which is very stable and always available.

It should be noted that the temperatures vary according to latitude. Geothermal heat pumps work like ordinary heat pumps. Geothermal heating and cooling systems are very accessible and they can cut your electric bills by 30-40%. Also, because the geothermal heating and cooling system is installed underground, the aesthetic of the house exterior is maintained.

Superior Mechanical, Inc. is an experienced heating & air conditioning contractor but in addition to heating and cooling repair they also specialize in green building. They can actually help you when you want to have a geothermal heating and cooling system or solar heating panels installed in your home. They are experts at designing HVAC systems as well as harnessing renewable energy sources for domestic use. Installing these systems is a highly technical job and should be done by an expert. The design should integrate the green plan into the building itself, making it more efficient. They have designers who can integrate green architecture into commercial and private buildings. They can also assess your need for energy to determine the optimal load needed for an efficient system.

George Woods is a heating and cooling repair specialist with 10 years experience working in North Carolina.